Top 3 Qualities of a Good Yoga Teacher

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. It was mentioned in Sutras form by Patanjali in his hymns and manuscripts. Although people have been practicing yoga on their own or from the sages/gurus they learned from in gurukul in the medieval and monarchical times, the trends have changed a bit now, as there are professional yoga teachers out there, willing to teach you the bits to gigabytes of yoga, to stay fit and healthy and also, live long. They do need training before teaching others, which is not an easy job itself, as it needs many physical criteria.

Yoga teachers need to have some of the qualities one should expect from an athlete, as staying fit and in shape is preferable for most of the sportsmen and women. Apart from these, there are many other mandatory, or shall we say preferred requirements in one’s lifestyle in order to become a good yoga teacher, let alone the best in business. Those key ingredients are mentioned below-

Fitness and stamina

People willing to start yoga teaching should stay fit themselves, and stay fit in order to inspire others for the same. Yoga teacher trainees undergo a series of physical and mental training followed by different changes. One must be headstrong as well as fit in order to survive these changes and pass with flying colors.

Fitness is of many levels. Many consider possessing a healthy body being fit, which is a wrong notion in every defined sense. Fitness includes physical, mental, emotional and social. No doubt one has to be physically fit, but also he/she has to be strong in mind, possess a strong will, and be emotionally clear and available for the knowledge given to them.


Most of the yoga patients nowadays are either overweight patients or those with some chronic disease, which requires more than just flexing muscles and twitching legs and rotating hands. It needs a person to be extra-extrovert than the rest so that he/she can talk and motivate and process them out of their insecurities, and their notions and taboos they possess regarding themselves.

Many people are tough to crack. They have been hardened by the taunts and ill-thoughts of the society, making them hard to get open. That’s why this job not only needs those extrovert ones but also those who can easily talk and get comfortable with people in spite of their fear of “what others would say”.


One must be able to endure the pain and the effect of passing time without the urge of running away from them, in order to help others do the same.

Yoga teacher trainees have to go through extensive training sessions, some spanning over years, to get expertise. One must know all the poses and Asana and all other functionalities in order to rightfully and correctly teach the yoga students/pupils. A single mistake in the procedure can cause a series of catastrophes with all the students taking yoga classes, endangering their life too. This is a punishable offense too in mostly all of the countries. This also makes this training very important and should be attended with full concentration. The teachers not only have the responsibility of keeping their students safe and out of danger but also to keep the respect and belief in yoga intact.

The yoga teachers at Yogasutra Rishikesh are specially trained to be positive about everything every time, not being single one of them can lead to shaky confidence leading to the health risk of their students. One must be attentive in class too while learning from one, as performing it wrong won’t only affect the students but also the teacher. All our training programs are considered by experts who will guide you through your journey towards being fit.

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Yogi Anil Bijalwan is one of the best Yoga Teachers in India specialize in Ashtanga/Vinyasa, traditional Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, and posture adjustment/alignment. He has great experience and knowledge in yoga therapy, yogic diet, Yoga Nidra, meditation, and power yoga.

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